Zara Dittman

As a young adult Zara Dittman was inspired by a high school Spanish teacher to participate in what many European youth call a gap year. Instead of working abroad for a year, as is often the tradition amongst European youth, she spent her first year after high school studying Spanish language and culture in Salamanca and Barcelona, Spain. Upon returning to the United States, she enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside where she continued to study Spanish and Political Science. Her interest in international politics coupled with her passion for Spanish led to additional experiences abroad, many of which provided her opportunities to teach in language programs.

Upon completion of her B.A. in Spanish and Political Science, Zara enrolled in a Master of Arts in Teaching program with the goal of sharing her passion for Spanish with high school students in the United States. She currently works as a Spanish teacher at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, IL. She also coaches with the Patriettes.