William Heisler


Billy believes in children; his endeavors, aspirations and dreams—professional and personal—are unwaveringly guided by his fervent celebration of each individual’ s limitless potential and unique contributions. To be the most effective educator, Billy constantly learns; he learns from and improves because of each student for whom he works, each staff member with whom he collaborates and each community partner whose advocacy nurtures student success. He not only believes in the content of his service, but also inextricably perpetuates hope in its effects. Foundationally, to educate well is to believe; Billy believes in the incomprehensible gifts of youth and in a lifetime spent advocating for them.

Billy serves as a One-To-One Teaching Assistant at Edgewood Middle School, which is a part of the North Shore School District 112 in Highland Park, Illinois. As a One-To-One Teaching Assistant, Billy continually and holistically promotes the success of a student through differentiation, modification, adaptation and advocacy in a wide variety of settings. Billy earned his Preclinical Hours toward his Master of Arts in Teaching degree in a formative and deeply inspiring experience in a Dual Language Kindergarten class at Red Oak School, which is also in District 112. He will begin an extraordinary Student Teaching journey in mid-February, 2011 in a Fourth Grade class at Sherwood School, which is also in District 112.

Billy has amassed exemplary leadership of, experience because of and contributions to the North Shore School District 112. For example, Billy envisioned, spearheaded and directs the Red Oak Role Models Mentorship Program, which is a partnership between the Highland Park High School Key Club and Red Oak School. In addition, Billy was selected to serve on the District 112 Community Strategic Planning Team, served on the District 112 Community Strategic Plan Strategy 7 Action Team, and still contributes to the District 112 Community Strategic Plan Strategy 7 Implementation Team and the District 112 Paraprofessional Planning Team. In addition to his District 112-wide leadership, Billy has led and contributes greatly on the school level. For instance, He serves on the Edgewood Code of Conduct Committee and the Edgewood Transition Committee. Furthermore, Billy helped to further and educate Red Oak School students and parents about Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and created and taught several after school programs. Billy has taken on and will continue to take on initiatives that bolster the students, the staff and the school community.

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