A Mentoring Program Model

Developed by Ami Hicks, Program Coordinator

The Mentoring Program Model that follows is the result of a more formalized approach to designing a mentoring program. The purpose for providing this model is to offer a guideline to others for your work in developing or refining your own mentoring program. The program design was the result of collaboration among administration, teachers, and the author, Ami Hicks, whose research for her Master's Degree was in mentoring. The program became the foundation for mentoring that was successfully conducted over many years in a large suburban high school. Ami Hicks, was the Mentor Program Coordinator.

This is a mentor program that was proved successful for its many participants. The model is research-based and field tested. It is the kind of approach that is endorsed by MLRN, so we recommend this structure to you.

*If you use this program model, the author requests that you write or e-mail her at the Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network and share your results for the purpose of networking. Contact Ami Hicks with your notice by email (Click Here)


Arranged by subject - click on each topic below to find out more:

Definitions of Mentoring & Mentors

Philosophy of the Mentoring Program• Goals of the Mentoring Program• Program Governance: The Mentoring Committee and the Mentor/Protégé Match Committee• Mentor Qualification - Qualifications and Mentor Certification• Application & Selection - Steps in Becoming a Mentor, Steps in Becoming a Protégé• Matching - The Mentor/Protégé Matching Process and the Mentor & Protégé Appeal Process

*The Training used in this program isn't described in this web site, but was comprehensive and was done (1) prior to appointment as a mentor to create a mentor "pool" or (2) at the initial matching of a mentor to a protégé and (3) on-going, as the mentors' and protégés' needs dictated.

*Mentor and new teacher support is not described here, but was provided by:
• The Mentor Program Coordinator, individually and in a Mentor Peer Support Group
• Mentor-to-Mentor support, provided informally
• A New Teacher Peer Support Group

*Program Evaluation was also conducted each year, but is not described in this current model of the program