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Pat Riley completed his student teaching at Amundsen High School in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood for the fall of 2010.  He taught Contemporary American History, starting just before the Civil War and had a wonderful experience.  Currently, he has a Type 9 certificate with endorsements in History and Business, and hopefully Geography in the time to come.  Previously, he worked in public relations and business development for a law firm in Chicago, but decided his passion was education.   Prior to working in public relations and business development, Mr. Riley received a B.S. in Kinesiology with a focus in Sports Marketing from Indiana University. Follow his blog at Musings on Apples and Education.

Mr. Riley believes it is essential to understand our history as a way to move forward in life.  The incorporation of local history can be a great hook though, as students will have a closer connection to this past.  With this essential knowledge of civics and history, students will be better equipped to enter society.  But most important is parental involvement.  Without the help of parents, it can be difficult to get students to take education seriously.   



Pat’s BLOG – Musings on Apples and Education – August 2010 - Present

Research Project: What Kinds of Support do New Teachers Need? ASCD; Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network, expected February 2011

“Tips to Address Questions and Concerns of a Pre-Student Teacher,” The Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network (online), August 2010