Using Web 2.0 to help boost your Organization's On-line Presence

Patrick Riley, June 2011

As education organizations move forward into the 21st Century, here are some tools, which are a great way to connect with educators across the state and increase your no-for-profit organization's brand. They are also useful ways of getting young educators involved earlier in their careers as they become increasingly Web 2.0 savvy, it makes it easier for the constituents to get involved with your organization and could be a great way to increase membership. It is recommended that the Board of Directors carefully consider each of these items that will help target a much broader audience and increase both membership and their participation level.

Blogging - Could be useful if the organization had a devoted blogger writing about educational issues, different articles, themes, etc. This could drive traffic to the Web site and be a great way to get younger educators involved with the group.

Social Network Sites - ASCD's EDge, Facebook, LinkedIn. These can all be beneficial as another way to communicate. There was an article in the New York Times about how the future of the Web could all be on social networks and Web sites might go away slowly. I don't know that it will happen real soon, but they are a great tool and the future.

Twitter - Not-for-profit groups should have a Twitter account devoted to its activities and it can be used to tweet different events, such as conferences, workshops, and seminars as well as quick thoughts on educational issues, and could be a great way to reference back to any future blogging. This would probably be related to the blogs and written by the same person, potentially.

Webinars - A great way to connect with members/educators across the state instead of having them come to a location for a meeting. Potential advertising opportunities?

The list is endless. And, of course, new technologies and concepts for communicating are invented almost weekly. Keep an open mind and be aware of what all the 2.0 tools that are available for your organization. Take advantage of these new media outlets and watch your numbers grow.