: A Resource And Training Guide For Educators

Research shows that mentoring can make a new teacher's first year a successful experience and can help an experienced teacher feel renewed and rejuvenated. New teachers who participate in a mentoring program are also more likely to stay in the profession.

Now there is a resource called "The Mentoring Guide" available to help you to design and implement an effective mentoring program. "The Mentoring Guide" (1994) is a how-to manual that can assist a district in considering how to approach all the various issues involved in developing your own mentoring program. "The Mentoring Guide" is offered both as a complete book and well as in separate chapters for those who are only interested in particular aspects of a mentoring program.

Developed by staff from five New England state education agencies and The Regional Laboratory, this resource has been piloted within those states and the content has been refined from that experience. Each chapter includes a brief review of the research and literature relevant to the topic of that chapter, a set of detailed activities, and suggested resources.


Ken Bergstrom, Nancy Bremman, Kathy Dunne, Carol Gilbert, Nancy Ibarguen, Anne Newton, Marla Perez-Selles, Elizabeth Thomas.

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