10 of the Best Apps for Educators

By Ryan Thomas July 2012
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Whether you're an educational technology wonder, or a little slower on the draw, apps for your iPhone and/or iPad can make your job a lot easier. We’d like to share what we think are 10 of the best apps for educators. These will not only keep you organized, but place helpful resources at your fingertips.

Keeping You Organized

DropBox - A FREE resource for keeping your computer files organized and protected from lost flash drives and/or computer crashes. DropBox ensures your data is available from any computer with Internet access.

Harvest - Time/Expense Tracking - Hooray! Education expenses are tax-deductible. When tax time rolls around this app provides easy expenses totaling for your tax accountant or TurboTax.

QuickVoice Recorder - The late comedian Mitch Hedberg used to say, “I sit at my hotel at night; I think of something that's funny; then I go get a pen and I write it down. Or if the pen's too far away, I have to convince myself that what I thought of ain't funny.” Agreed. The best ideas always seem to come when there isn’t a pen within arm’s reach. Knowing this, QuickVoice allows you to record messages to yourself. Play them back later for transcription or to take action.

Docs AnywhereAnywhere. Exactly! DocsAnywhere allows you to copy your documents to your “i-device” and take them wherever you go. Since documents are transferred through USB, you’re never a hostage to a vindictive wireless network.

Pages - Not a graphic designer? No problem. Pages lets you use graphs, pictures, artsy fonts and designs to make classroom handouts that are much more engaging.

LanSchool Teacher's Assistant - This app helps you monitor/censor student activity on classroom computers. Finally - you don't have to be at every computer all the time.

Great Resources

Freebooks - This app allows you access to 23,469 free books. Use an e-Reader and your classroom is connected to some of the best literature the world has to offer.

Today in History - Though it's the most helpful for history teachers, this app is organized by year so any teacher can browse and find cross-curricula factoids to help students connect the dots.

Molecules - Science students get 3-D images of the molecules they're studying with this engaging and interactive app. Even the non-science enthusiasts will be interested.

Mathematical Formulas - Sometimes our students can throw us for a loop. This app provides access to formulas from various disciplines to keep lectures moving forward.

Taking advantage of these apps can help you streamline your performance both inside and outside your classroom.

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