Sessions To Prepare Mentor Trainers

by Austin Educational Associates

In Texas and in many other states a mentor teacher is to be assigned to assist every first-year teacher. Research has indicated that novice teachers who do not have mentor teachers frequently resort to less than effective teaching methods simply to survive in the classroom and more than half get discouraged and leave the profession during their first four years of teaching. When this situation occurs, it is costly both in terms of the instructional program and personnel recruitment dollars.

But simply assigning a mentor teacher does little to remedy this situation. The role of the mentor teacher is substantial and complex, and if mentors are to be effective, they need preparation and training in how to assist beginning teachers.

While some districts are choosing to assign mentors without providing training, this approach is creating problems for both beginning teachers and mentors alike. When adequate training is not provided, not only are first-year teachers deprived of the type of support they need, but mentors report feeling very uncomfortable in being assigned a responsibility for which they have had no formal preparation.

Again by popular demand, Dr. Leslie Huling of Austin Educational Associates will train teams of educators and individuals from school districts, universities and educational service agencies to prepare them to conduct training sessions for their own mentors. Dr. Huling is a nationally acclaimed expert on teacher induction and mentoring and has provided mentor training to educators from more than 30 states and Canada.

Each participating district or agency is encouraged to send a team of three persons to receive three days of training. The set of training materials includes approximately 20 activities and consists of:

This training and the complete set of training materials is offered at a fee of $325 per person.

The trainings are held once or twice each year, usually in the spring, and in Austin, Texas.

For registration and lodging information for the next training date, contact:

Austin Educational Associates

PO Box 27672

Austin, Texas 78755