Hong Kong MLRN

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network is proud to announce the development of a collaboration with The Hong Kong Institute of Education Centre for Learning-study And School Partnership. In July 2006, representatives of these two groups met in Hong Kong to establish a professional relationship with the common goal of helping new teachers become successful in their first few years of teaching. Both groups will be engaged with action research and combine their efforts on projects that will ultimately benefit teachers new to the teaching profession.

The Hong Kong Institute of Education Centre for Learning-study And School Partnership (CLASP), under the leadership of Professor LO Mun Ling, offers mentorship development courses and public seminars targeting at teachers and principals in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools. The special features of the approach include:

Encouraging and facilitating the development of a "professional learning community" that engages beginning teachers, experienced teachers and academics from teacher education institutions working closely and collaboratively together to improve teaching and learning.

This is done through engaging teachers in Learning Studies, which is an kind of action research, to develop teachers? ability to handle students' individual differences, to observe and analyse lessons, and to give feedback to teaching that are oriented towards improving student learning.

The Programmes and Learning Study public seminars are held at the Tai Po Campus of The Hong Kong Institute of Education or at the Town Centre of The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Kowloon.

For more information, please visit http://www.ied.edu.hk/clasp/index_e.html