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Brian student taught for the English department (specifically conversation, literature, and reading and writing composition) at Liceo Experimental Bilingue Jose Figueres Ferrer Secondary School in Cartago, Costa Rica. He is currently completing the final two courses of his graduate degree, which he will finish by the end of March, and is searching for a full-time teaching position (grades 6-12) in the English/Language Arts field.  

Before student teaching and furthering his education at National-Louis University, Brian freelanced, writing community news pieces for various online publications; voluntarily instructed adult English Language Learners, implementing a practical instructional approach that intertwined reading, speaking, and writing; and labored for a construction company, pouring concrete and providing material for carpenters—by the end of his work day, Brian didn’t have an inch of dry clothing. Despite the physical wear and tear of manual labor, Brian is thankful for the gritty experience: his drive and educational diligence blossoms from the sweat and blisters of laboring.   

Though freelancing and laboring, glued with volunteering, form a challenging and rewarding and honest living, Brian wanted to contribute to and interact with people more. He decided to pickup and dust off his original undergraduate pursuit: teaching. It’s been a polishing process that he hasn’t regretted. Through numerous adult and secondary educational outlets, such as volunteering, mentoring, tutoring, presenting, and workshop facilitating, Brian has realized he can simultaneously apply the toil of his laboring, the creativity of his writing, and the passion of his teaching to the apple-trodden but fruitful field of education. 

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